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Finding Just the Right Lights to Illuminate the Exterior of Your Home

There are multiple purposes for outdoor lighting in your yard. You might want more security to deter people from trying to break into your house or to prevent other people from damaging your property. Another reason why you might want to invest in outdoor lighting in Victoria, BC, is to illuminate a certain feature in your yard, such as a garden or a birdbath. Here are a few ideas to consider when you’re trying to decide what kind of lighting to use and how to arrange it for the best impact.

Deck Lights

An easy way to illuminate your backyard is by attaching lights to your deck or patio. You can hang string lights on the banisters or position a large light that faces the entire deck. Positioned correctly, the light will flood away from the area and throughout the yard. If there is a cover on the patio or deck, then you can hang a light in the center, similar to what you would see in your living room, making this area an extension of your home.


A lantern or two along pathways or on banisters is an easy way to illuminate any outdoor area. With the numerous lantern designs for outdoor lighting Victoria, BC, stores offer, you can find something that blends well with the exterior details of your home so that there is a nice flow wherever you look. If you don’t want to increase your electricity bill, then consider solar lights that charge in the sun during the day.


Outdoor lights can become safety features if they are positioned on the steps that lead from your sidewalk or from another type of pathway in your yard to the entry doors. You can install solar step lights if you don’t want to worry about a lot of wires, just as you would with solar lanterns.

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