Four Key Changes to Make During Kitchen Remodeling in Naples, FL

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Home Improvement


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A kitchen remodel is often done when homeowners want to make a space larger or update the look that is already there. Before this is done, however, there should be a few decisions made regarding the type of changes that will happen. Kitchen Remodeling in Naples FL should include four key changes to truly change the look and functionality of the kitchen.

Replacing Appliances

Many homeowners go ahead and replace cabinets or tear down a wall to make more space, never thinking about the appliances that are used. The appliances are what make the kitchen. The refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and even microwave can be replaced to change the look of the kitchen. Newer appliances offer better technologies that will help improve the functionality as well. Simply switching from white appliances to black could help make the look.

Installing New Cabinets

While this is a common thing to do, installing new cabinets really is a great idea during a kitchen remodel. Older style cabinets can make the kitchen look old and outdated. Installing new cabinets will help bring the kitchen into the future. Modern designs should be chosen. This also allows homeowners to find a new color for their cabinets, such as choosing a darker wood grain that will match their kitchen table.

Replacing the Sink

Over time, kitchen skins become stained and rusted. Replacing with a new one will help to add to the appearance of the kitchen. An old, white sink can be updated by installing a new, silver option. It will make the kitchen appear more modern.

Getting New Floors

A number of kitchens include linoleum floors that are easy to clean but unappealing to look at. Getting new floors will help to improve the look of the kitchen. Wood floors are a great option. They can be chosen along with the cabinets to ensure a uniform color scheme.

Kitchen Remodeling in Naples FL should not be completed until careful consideration is made regarding the changes that will take place. These four key changes will help bring an outdated kitchen into the future and ensure there is an improved functionality. Click Here to learn more about the remodeling options available.

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