Hire Professionals For Ceiling Repair in Liberty, MO

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Home Improvement


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Ceilings are hard for homeowners to repair themselves because they are high up and require working at an awkward angle. Repairing ceilings may involve scraping popcorn ceiling material, taking care of water leak marks, or repairing holes. It can also involve removing the whole ceiling, putting new sheetrock up, and using sheetrock compound and tape to make seams and screw holes disappear. Then, there are wood ceilings and ceilings with beams that require different repair techniques. Some ceilings are two stories high, and others are slanted or at multiple levels

What Can Go Wrong With Ceilings?

Ceilings may seem far above it all, but they are vulnerable to many forms of damage. A roof may leak and the water damages the ceiling. A bathroom on the second floor can have a plumbing problem and flood, damaging the ceiling below it. Someone can walk in the attic and put a foot through the sheetrock from above. Children or others can point spray cans or spitballs at the ceiling. Poorly applied popcorn texture can begin to fall off or just look dated.

Smokers or a fireplace can cause smoke stains to appear on the ceiling. And, last but not least, the seams can deteriorate and seam tape can come loose. When a ceiling is damaged or becomes dirty and stained, it must be repaired. Ceiling Repair in Liberty MO can be much easier if a professional painting team is employed to do the work.

Fixing Those Ceilings

Fixing a damaged ceiling involves the special challenge of height and awkward angles for the workers. Professional painting companies have the specialized equipment to make fast work of Ceiling Repair in Liberty MO. They can spray a ceiling with a special mixture of water and chemicals so removing that popcorn texture is made simple. Once the texture is removed, they will repair the underlying sheetrock and coat it with plaster to make a smooth modern ceiling. Professionals can repair or replace any ceiling to make a new looking room ready to decorate for modern living.

A Painting company such as Platinum Painting, LLC has the training and experience to figure out the cause of ceiling staining and repair the damage so the problem will not re-occur. Please click here for more painting information.

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