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Home Renovation: Why Investing in Hardwoods Refinish in Topeka, KS Matters

While making some changes to the home, the owner rips up the carpeting in the dining room to find that it covered a hardwood floor. Excited, the owner also lifts a corner of the carpeting in the living room and finds it is also hardwood. While the floors are not in the best of shape, it is easy to see they were once quite beautiful. At this point, choosing to go with a Hardwoods Refinish in Topeka KS rather than install new carpeting is an easy decision to make. Here are some of the benefits that the owner will enjoy.

The Impact on the Room

There is no doubt that jettisoning the old carpeting in favor of a Hardwoods Refinish in Topeka KS will change the look of the room. By the time the wood is sanded, cleaned, stained, and sealed, every piece of furniture that is brought back into the space will look better. Add the accessories and colors that tended to not be noticed will suddenly stand out. In a way, it’s like getting a whole new room just by changing the look of the floor.

Easy to Keep Clean

People who grow tired of dragging out a vacuum cleaner several times a week will enjoy the ability to grab a dust mop and keep the hardwood floors looking their best. Assuming the right type of protective agent is applied after the staining, cleaning up spills will also be a breeze. For those who would rather spend more time doing things other than housework, the quick and easy task of cleaning hardwood floors will be a welcome change.

Dressing the Room for the Seasons

Homeowners who like to change the colors a little to reflect the current season will love the presence of a hardwood floor. That’s because along with swapping out throw pillows and window treatments, it is also possible to put down a different area rug every season. Being able to change the look of the space so easily will definitely be a plus.

For anyone who would like to look into the idea of a Hardwoods Refinish in Topeka KS, contact the team at Capital City Flooring Inc today. After taking a look at the hardwood floor, it will be easy to come up with a plan of action and ensure the floors look their best.