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Maintenance Tips Between Area Rug Cleanings

Area rugs are an investment you can make in your home and it’s important to take proper care of them. They are relatively easy to keep looking nice and clean. Once you hire area rug cleaning services in Alpharetta, how do you keep them looking good until the next time they are cleaned? Here are a few tips to keep area rugs in good shape between professional cleanings.

In Between Area Rug Cleaning Services in Alpharetta

Rug Pads – Using a pad underneath area rugs can help increase their longevity. It protects them from wear and tear and protects them from sliding around on the floor. No matter what the size of the rug, or if it is on carpet or a hardwood floor, it can be beneficial.

Rotate Rugs – All sizes can benefit from being rotated 180 degrees at least one time each year. This helps it wear evenly and shifts exposure to sunlight and traffic. Both of these can cause discoloration a professional cleaner cannot fix.

Vacuum or Shake – Shaking and vacuuming regularly helps remove dirt and sand both of which are abrasive and tend to break down the fibers in the materials. Vacuuming can remove both surface and embedded dirt as well as acts to restore fibers.

Stain Removal – In the event something gets spilled on the rug, or it gets stained, take action as soon as possible. Remove stains as quickly as you can to keep them from becoming permanent. When stains sit for a while with no action taken, or if basic stain removal products do not work you may need to call for professional area rug cleaning services in Alpharetta.

If you find these steps are not enough to keep your floor covering looking clean, it may be time to contact the professionals for deep cleaning.

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