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Making Your Way Through a Summer Remodeling Project in Chicago

A good time to complete a home remodeling project is in the summer months. The weather is usually cooperative, with little rain to interfere with the process, and you’ll have more daylight in the evening for getting things done after work. Here are a few tips for surviving the process with your family.

What Stays

One of the tips for surviving a summer home remodel is to decide what you want to keep once the project is complete and what should be removed. This should be done a few weeks before the project begins, as you don’t want to waste a lot of time sorting your belongings to determine what you should part with, especially if you’re paying a contractor by the hour.


A key point for surviving a summer home remodel is finding a parking space at your home so that the contractor and the crew can easily get inside your home. Ask your neighbors if you can park in their driveway until the workers leave if you don’t have access to a spot on the street.

Protect Other Rooms

Since you might not remodel your entire home, you need to protect the adjoining rooms in your home from dust and damage that could occur. Remove pictures from the walls in case tools are used that could vibrate the surface and hang a sheet on the doorway to keep dust from entering. A company that performs home remodeling in Chicago can let you know how close to each room they could work so that you’re better prepared.

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