Reduce Damage With Quality Roof Repair in Honolulu

by | May 20, 2020 | Roofing


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A leaky roof may seem to happen unexpectedly, but most roofing failures actually develop over time. This implies that many roofing issues could be identified and eliminated by an expert in roof repair in Honolulu before they become a major problem. For instance, the roofer could examine the roof for signs of trouble such as faulty sealants, aging shingles or damage caused by storms and make repairs as required. Of course, the type of repair will depend on the problem. Many leaks are the result of storm damage and often require the roofer to replace any damaged materials. Leaks around roofing details such as attic vents or flashing might be caused by old sealants that should be removed and replaced.

An extremely difficult roof repair in Honolulu is the replacement of old shingles. One reason for this is the need to remove the old roofing products, which must be hauled away. A possible solution is the use of stamped steel roofing materials. Stamped steel comes in a variety of styles including simulated Mediterranean tiles, cedar shake and asphalt shingles. Because it is possible to install this material over asphalt roofing, it makes the repair of an old roof possible without all the rubbish from removing the old roof. This is possible because the steel is anchored with battens.

If the roof has failed to the point that the decking is destroyed, then the roofer has no choice but to strip the roof and replace any damage materials. Most modern homes use a decking made from OSB (oriented strand board). OSB is a series of wood wafers that are placed so that the grains of the wood cross. The material is then coated in a resin and condensed under a tight pressure. The only problem is that when the wood soaks up moisture it begins to degrade.

This happens because the fibers of the wood begin to swell, which breaks the bonds with the resin. Once the decay begins, it swiftly spreads to other areas. If the back side of the decking is visible from the attic, then this type of damage may be easily visible. The roofer can inspect the interior for signs of swelling or sagging in the roof. Schedule an appointment to have the roof checked or repaired before the damage becomes too severe.

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