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Should I Refurbish or Replace My Kitchen Cabinets?

Your next home improvement project is remodeling the kitchen. That means you need to make a decision about those kitchen cabinets Colorado Springs. Would they work fine if you refurbished them? Perhaps it’s time to rip them out and replace them with something new. Ask yourself the following three questions and you’ll know what should happen.

What Do You Think of the Style?

Take a good look at the style of your existing cabinetry. How well does it fit into your plans for the remodeled kitchen? It the style works well, changing the stain or color may be all that you need to do. When the cabinets cannot be altered to fit in with your plans, the best move is to get rid of them and invest in new cabinets.

Are the Cabinets Space-Efficient?

What do you think about the space that your kitchen cabinets Colorado Springs currently utilize? Think in terms of the space the cabinets occupy as well as how space-efficient the interior of each cabinet happens to be. If you think that it would be impossible to modify the cabinets and make make better use of the space, now is the time to remove them and invest in cabinetry that is more efficient.

What About the General Condition?

Do your current cabinets show significant signs of wear? Would it cost more to repair them than it would cost to replace them? If you’re not happy with the general condition of those existing cabinets, don’t spend time and money trying to restore them. Start looking at new kitchen cabinets Colorado Springs that will hold up well for many years.

If you are still not sure what to do, have a word with your contractor. Weigh the pros and cons of replacement versus repairing those older cabinets. With a little help, it won’t take long to come up with the decision that’s right for you.