Strategies For Kitchen Pest Control

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Pest Control


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For cockroaches, ants, and bugs in general, the kitchen is the most attractive area of the home. This is due to several factors, but mostly because of the presence of food sources and the availability of water.

To create a pest control strategy for the kitchen, it will be essential to start practicing some simple, easy-to-use methods to discourage bugs from roaming. The first step is to always start with a free inspection of your property by a pest control company, which will not only treat any existing problems, but will also help to eliminate the ways the bugs are gaining entrance into the home.

In addition, here are some critical elements for effective kitchen pest control:

  • Keep all foods in sealed containers – foods such as cereal, flour, sugar and other types like these should never be stored in bags or boxes. Instead, transfer them to sealed containers that are made of metal, glass or plastic to eliminate an easily accessible food source for many insects.
  • Get rid of crumbles and dishes – after preparing a meal or even a quick snack, wipe all of the crumbs off the surface of the counters and cutting boards. Do not forget to put dishes in the dishwasher or at least rinse all the food off of them first if they are going to be left in the sink.
  • Do not leave fruit out – while a fruit bowl adds a nice decoration to the kitchen, it is going to attract flying insects and bugs. Always keep fruits in the fridge or in sealed containers on the countertop (if they are better stored at room temperature).
  • Wipe cooking and food prep areas with cleaners – cleaners, including natural options like vinegar and water, should be used to wipe any food prep or cooking surfaces. Insects can be attracted by tiny amounts of residue that may not be easily visible to the human eye. Do not use vinegar or other acid cleaners until you know they are safe for the countertop surface.
  • Take out the trash – make it a habit to take the trash out every night. Not only will this help with bugs and small pest control prevention, but it will also help to prevent mice or rats from trying to get in.

Seal up all the cracks, holes and open areas around the foundation of the home. Small areas around windows and doors should also be sealed to prevent insects or vermin from getting inside.

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