The Advantages of Two-Tiered Countertops in Seattle WA for a Snack Bar Area

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Home Improvement


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Kitchen remodeling can pose design dilemmas as homeowners try to figure out whether to remove certain features or change the entire floor plan. One issue common to countertops in Seattle, WA is the snack bar, which extends over a seating area on the opposite side of the main work area. The snack bar often is flush with the countertop, but sometimes it is located higher up, making a space suitable for bar stools or tall chairs. Not everyone is pleased with this arrangement, known in the industry as a two-tiered countertop.

Similar Eye Height for Both Sides

One advantage of the raised snack bar is allowing the people seated there to be at relatively the same eye height as the person standing on the other side, working on meal prep. The individuals at the snack bar may be guests, keeping the host and hostess company while everyone enjoys a glass of wine and conversing. The consistency in height makes the environment feel more sociable.

Work Tasks

Two-tiered countertops in Seattle, WA have other advantages as well. The surface at bar height can provide a separate space for people to do tasks that are not related to food, while still being in the same area as people cooking or baking. For example, many people like to use this surface as a place to work on a laptop computer. Parents may like to have their kids working on homework at this counter. Another point to consider is that tall people are likely to prefer doing meal prep work on the higher side.


Snack bars at the raised height from the rest of the counter, as installed by a remodeling company such as Granite Top Inc., also tend to be more stylish in appearance. There are more design options. The homeowners can choose a specific width for the raised tier, as well as a different material for the vertical area between the two tiers.

The two tiers can be of the same color and material, or they can be different. With a flat surface, contrasts like this between two sides tend to look like an error was made. Information on residential service is available at .

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