The Striking Beauty of Matte Granite Tile in Folsom, CA

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Home and Garden


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Granite is a popular material that is often used in many new homes, as well as many renovated homes. The most common place for granite is on countertops. Granite makes a great countertop material because it is extremely durable, the finishes are natural but stunning and it is highly resistant to heat and stains. However, there are other applications for granite inside of the home, and many times rather than large slabs of granite used for countertops, granite tile is used.

Granite tile can be used as a decorative backsplash for a kitchen, for bathroom walls to add a touch of elegance as well as a commanding interior decorating feature. However, granite tile can also be used for flooring materials. This might seem a bit over the top for some people. However, for those with the budget, the idea of this type of flooring may be quite attractive, especially if they want to make a major statement with their flooring.

For people that want the look of granite but are interested in something a bit less traditional, Matte Granite Tile in Folsom CA may be a good alternative. This type of tile has the same striking design and color that slabs of granite offer for kitchen and bathroom countertop spaces. However, because the actual sheen of the granite surface has been muted to a matte finish, it gives the tile a remarkably different look than what many people have become accustomed to when thinking about granite materials.

The fact is that matte surfaces and matte finishes are becoming more popular. It’s a popular trend in automotive finishes and is becoming a popular trend when it comes to a modern decorative aesthetic in the interior design industry. This type of finish can take what has always been considered a traditional decorative element and it give it a more modern look. This helps it to work well in not only traditional interior design schemes, but it also bridges the gap into more modern and industrial design themes as well.

If you’re looking for something a bit off the beaten path while still retaining a high amount of quality and durability, matte granite tile in Folsom CA may be just what you’re looking for. If you want to learn more about this material to see if it’s right for your home, you may want to contact Palm Tile & Stone Gallery.

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