The Top Three Qualities To Look For When Shopping For New Carpet In Skokie Illinois

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Home Improvement


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Replacing old and worn out carpet can be the perfect way to give a home a makeover that will increase its interior visual appeal and overall value. The vast selection of brands, textures, and colors can make it complicated to find a quality product that will provide a family with years of comfort and stain resistance. Before spending thousands of dollars on new carpet in Skokie Illinois, be sure to research the following to ensure money well spent and a final product that will last for years to come.

Pile Depth

Carpet is rated based on the thickness of its pile, and while a thicker pile carpet may provide extra comfort, it can be more complicated to keep clean. Homeowners with pets or family members that suffer from allergies may be better served by a lower pile carpet, which will make it easier to remove dirt and pet allergens with routine vacuuming. Talk to a carpet dealer about the various types of pile thickness ratings available, and choose one that will match the needs of an entire household.

Stain Resistance

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to drop or spill items on a carpet and leave unsightly stains. Newer carpeting products now include a stain resistance coating, which helps to prevent stubborn stains such as juice, wine, and food spills from being absorbed, which makes them easier to clean and prevents the onset of discoloration. Some companies even provide an additional layer of protection by offering a water repellent product that can be applied to the carpet after installation.

Carpet Padding

One of the most important considerations when installing new carpet in Skokie, Illinois is the type of padding that is installed underneath. Cheap padding may be appealing to a person’s wallet, but it can cause the carpet to wear out more quickly and even lead to the presence of stains. Be sure to research the various types of padding available and choose one that fits the project’s budget and will provide long-term results.

New carpet can make any home look and feel better. American Carpet Distributors offers a wide selection of carpeting products at affordable prices, and their team of installation experts can make installation an easy and straightforward process. Call today to learn more and take the first step in restoring a home’s carpet without breaking the bank.

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