Using Roofing Contractors Oro Valley AZ To Find A Roof Leak

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Roofing


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When a roof has a leaking portion, it may be difficult to find where the moisture’s point of entry is without the help from one of the Roofing Contractors Oro Valley AZ has available in the area. A roofing contractor would be able to assess the situation and find exactly where water is making its way under shingles so they can be repaired properly.

When the roofing contractor first arrives at the home, they will do an evaluation of the entire rooftop to see if the leaking spot is easily seen. They will walk back and forth on the roof searching for shingles that appear to be decaying, crumbling, or curling. If there are shingles that look damaged, they will be replaced with new ones to stop the leak. The roofing paper underneath the shingles may also need to be replaced.

Areas along protruding fixtures like chimneys, vents or skylights are susceptible to leaking along shingle edges. These areas will be looked at closely, and any flashing that appears to be damaged will be replaced. The shingles will be peeled off, so the flashing is exposed. If there is rust on the flashing, it should be replaced with a new piece. New shingles would be put over the flashing to help stop the leak.

The roofing company may ask to take a look inside the home. They will observe the condition of the ceilings and walls help them pinpoint the exact area where water is getting under shingles. They may ask to look in the attic as well.

If the gutter system is filled with debris, the roofing company may find the leak is occurring due to a backup or water under the bottom layer of shingles. The homeowner would want to have the gutters cleared of all debris, so water runs through without obstruction, leading to roof leaking as a result. When someone needs to get a hold of Roofing Contractors Oro Valley AZ, they can browse the website of some of the reputable services in the area.

Ralph Hays Roofing is one roof service to check out if there are problems with the roof. An appointment could be made from their site to evaluate a roof if needed.

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