Vinyl-Clad Anderson Windows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: A Compromise That Includes Wood Interior Frames

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Windows


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Homeowners who love the look of wood windows may still despair over how much maintenance is required to keep them looking great and prevent damage from moisture, insects, and other deterioration. One compromise is the installation of vinyl-clad Anderson windows in Milwaukee Wisconsin. These window frames are covered in vinyl on the outside of the house while retaining the natural wood look on the inside of the home. Vinyl does not need painting or staining, and it is not vulnerable to humidity, rain, or insect infestations.

For many homeowners, having wood window frames inside is imperative. They may take pride in a certain style of home or their decor and feel that no other window frame material is suitable. They also may worry about resale value if their house has an elegant or upscale rustic design, as they feel metal or vinyl frames on the interior would have a conflicting quality. Those frames may be suitable for rooms such as a laundry room or the bathrooms, but many homeowners are purists and want wood interior frames in those areas as well.

The exterior of the house can have vinyl-clad frames that look almost identical to wood if this is what the property owners prefer. The frames are available in several colors, so creating a complementary appearance with the siding is easy. Many people love the bright look of white frames while others prefer a more subtle hue of beige or tan. A common choice is to have the frames match the colors of the drainage gutters and downspouts, trim around the exterior, the front door, or the garage doors.

When having a new installation of vinyl-clad Anderson Windows in Milwaukee Wisconsin, this is the opportunity for the homeowners to change styles of windows if they would like to. The vinyl covering can be done for virtually any type of window frame. The property owners may want to consult a company such as Business Name about possibilities if they’d like to make some changes. The company can replace all the windows in one project or do a smaller number at a time if cost is an issue.

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