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When Wall Repair in Kansas City MO Is Necessary Before Interior Painting

When it’s time to repaint a room or the entire interior of a home, Wall Repair in Kansas City MO may be necessary first. These issues can range from minor to quite noticeable, although the household residents may have learned to ignore the flaws over time. Professional painting contractors often can include this repair work in the project as long as there is no major structural damage.

Small Holes

One of the most common reasons Wall Repair in Kansas City MO must be done before painting is the presence of holes from nails or screws. If the residents plan to put everything back on the walls in the same place, filling those holes is not necessary. If they are getting the house ready to sell or an apartment ready to show, fixing the holes before painting is advisable. That’s especially the case after screws that held heavy shelving are removed, as they leave obvious flaws in the wall, even after painting.


Dents in drywall can occur when doors don’t have any devices stopping them from hitting the wall. A doorknob can easily leave a dent if the door is flung open and the knob strikes the wall. Kids playing with a baseball in the house also can cause some damage, which hopefully is not too serious.

Water Damage

Another problem can develop if the fascia on the overhang above a staircase has significant rotting, allowing rainwater to leak in and damage the plaster or drywall inside in a small area. For instance, it might only have affected the entryway. This can be easy to fix by sanding away the problem area to create a new smooth surface. First, the fascia must be replaced to stop the underlying issue.

Concluding Thoughts

If the wall surface is textured and not smooth, a patch must match that texture or the area will still be noticeable after it’s been covered with paint. This also can be accomplished by contractors such as Platinum Painting LLC. Two coats of paint usually are necessary to thoroughly cover and hide a patch. Anyone who needs this type of work done may click here to get started.