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Why Homeowners Should Choose Timber Shutters

If you’re like many homeowners, wood is the highlight of your home. You enjoy the warmth it brings and the timeless style and classic features. However, you may not realise that wood can also be used for the windows. Timber shutters are an excellent choice because they look attractive. They’re not traditional blinds that are flimsy, but they still cover the window effectively. Along with such, they can protect your home from the heat and sunlight. When they’re closed, the sun can’t penetrate and warm up the house, which means your air conditioner doesn’t work overtime to cool your home.

Timber shutters are also excellent at controlling the light. When they’re closed, you can still adjust the louvre panels to allow a little light to enter or a lot. However, you can also open them up all the way and let in all the light. Pair it with a security screen, and You can choose from a variety of stainsyou can open the window without worrying about bugs and intruders getting into your house. Wooden shutter systems don’t require a lot of maintenance, either. You can usually use a duster to clean them up and never have to use soap or water.

SP Screens offers two types of timber shutters. The Paulownia plantation shutters provide fire- and water-resistant properties, is lightweight, and resistant to rot and termites. The basswood plantation shutters are also lightweight and have a low thermal conductivity. Both options have a five-year limited warranty. You can choose from a variety of stains, which allows you to customise the shutters based on your home’s overall décor and your preferences. You can also choose paint, which gives you more bespoke options. The best part is that you can select the louvre sizes, opening options, and much more. You can book an appointment with a specialist on the website anytime.