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Why Mold Remediation in Alexandria, VA is Nothing to Put Off

Finding mold in the home is not something to take lightly. Whether the mold is the result of a recent flood, or something that developed thanks to a slow leak in the plumbing, the owner is advised to contact a mold remediation expert in in Alexandria, VA as soon as possible. Here are a few of the reasons that the mold needs to be removed from the home without delay.

Respiratory Issues

Mold in significant quantities can cause respiratory distress for many people. This can include sneezing, coughing, and even finding it harder to breathe while in the home. Mold that is thriving in the duct work of a home’s heating and cooling system spreads mold spores to every room. Since the spores are not visible, they can be ingested with ease. The only way to stop the watering eyes and constant coughing is to get the mold out of the house.

Impact on Emotional Health

While much of the focus with mold is on the physical impact it can have, there are potential mental health issues to consider as well. A person who is consistently exposed to mold can develop depression, experience panic attacks, and develop phobias that seem to come out of nowhere. Once the mold detection services in Alexandria, VA is complete and the house is declared free of mold, anyone suffering from these conditions should begin to show improvement in a matter of weeks.

Damage to the Home

Along with the toll that mold can take on the physical and mental well-being of everyone living in the home, there is the matter of damage to the structure. Mold under a roof can weaken the framework that holds the roof in place. In a basement, it can cause similar problems with the joists supporting the flooring on the main level. Unless the homeowner wants to spend a great deal of money replacing those weakened sections of the structure, getting rid of the mold now is the only smart move.

Any homeowner who suspects that mold is somewhere in their house should contact PMSI Mold Treatment Division as soon as possible. A professional can inspect the home and find out if mold is present. Once the scope of the problem is identified, it will not take long to administer the treatments needed to get rid of the problem.