3 Decisions to Make About Your New Residential Windows

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Home Improvement


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Now that you’ve made the decision to replace all the windows in your home, it’s time to determine what sort of windows will work best. A contractor can help you explore all your options for new home windows Sonoma County and come up with a choice that you’ll love for years. While you consider different solutions, keep these three factors in mind.

The Window Style

There’s no rule that says the new windows have to be the same style as the old ones. The contractor can identify two or more styles that will work well with your home’s design. Go over the merits of each choice and see what you think. It may be time to make a change rather than stick with the same old style.

The Window Materials

You have more choices for window materials today than at any time in the past. What works best? As you and the contractor talk about new home windows Sonoma County, find out how options like wood, vinyl, and aluminum compare. Depending on what features are the most important to you, one of the three is likely to emerge as the ideal choice.

Double or Triple Panes?

Double and triple pane glass for each of the windows is something you should consider closely. In both cases, the glass will make it much easier to control the indoor climate. You can also rest assured that the glass is in compliance with local safety codes. The contractor will help you understand the benefits of each option and how they would work with your new home windows Sonoma County.

Remember that your goal is to invest in new windows that will perform well and remain in great shape for decades. Take your time, explore each option carefully, and you’ll end up with windows that are attractive, functional, and durable.

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