3 Important Considerations For Petaluma Window Replacement Projects

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Home Improvement


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Homes in Petaluma, particularly the older homes, can look fresh and new again with an exterior renovation. While this can include a full replacement of siding and even the addition of a patio cover for a more sophisticated outside living space, these renovations should also include a window replacement in most cases.

Windows that are older are energy inefficient, can decrease the effect of an exterior renovation if not replaced, and they can also drag down curb appeal and home resale potential. By adding the window replacement as part of the full exterior renovation package, the entire home can look like a completely new place.

When choosing new windows, there are several important factors to consider. If a homeowner in Petaluma is not familiar with the new options on the market, plan to spend some time talking to the experts at Northwest Exteriors before making a choice.

What Is Needed From the Glass?

There is much more to glass for windows today than just choosing single or double pane. Today, glass can be designed to reduce noise, to increase efficiency and insulation properties and even to reduce the damage from UV rays to the interior of the home.

Understanding the different options in the glass is important in choosing the right types of glass and frame for your new windows.

The Frame Materials is Important

Modern frames can be made of wood, vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum, and all are designed to be easy to maintain, energy efficient and durable. The choice of new types of frames allows for a more streamlined or slim frame that will not peel, warp or fade in color for the entire lifetime of the window.

Cleaning Options

New designs in window replacement styles and features for older homes in Petaluma can also make cleaning a breeze. Windows that rotate inward for full cleaning from the inside of the home are a great example of time and energy-saving features, as are windows with the blinds between the glass, eliminating the chore of dusting and cleaning blinds.

Talk to your window sales team and discuss the features you would like to have. It is also a great idea to discuss your budget at the beginning of the project, as there are options to accommodate at any price range.

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