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3 Reasons to Use Fabric Wall Coverings in Your New York Living Space

There are many different ways for you to decorate your living space in a way that will allow you to express your own sense of style and creativity. One option that’s becoming more popular among both renters and homeowners is to use fabric wall coverings. You can find a fabric covering for your walls to match any color, theme, or style. Additionally, this type of decor offers a few unique benefits, such as those mentioned below.

Reduce Exposure to Mold
Since a wall covering hangs freely, it won’t trap the moisture beneath it that can lead to mold growth. This is different from wallpaper, paintings, and other items that are secured more tightly to the walls. As air passes between the covering and the wall, any moisture that does collect in that space will become cool and dry.

Spend Less on Your Decor
When you order wall coverings, you’ll find that they are far less expensive than the rolls of wallpaper or cans of paint you would buy. In fact, you can use just a few wall coverings to accent the color of your walls and spend under $20 on the fabric panels.

Clean Your Home More Easily
It can become a challenge to keep painted or papered walls clean if you live in a region that’s particularly dusty or windy. However, if you decorate with fabric wall coverings, you can simply remove the coverings and clean or dust them with ease. When you’re done, hang them up in place and they will look as new as the day you purchased them.

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