6 Easy Upgrades for Your Kitchen Cabinets

by | May 24, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance


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If the cabinets in your kitchen strike you as boring or outdated, finding ways to improve on them can be simple and cost-effective – especially if they are in need of a major makeover. Here are some great ideas for kitchen cabinet upgrades:


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for boring, old cabinets. A shift from neutral or dull colors can be just the thing you need to tie in that space with the dominant colors or shades in your home. This is going to give you a cohesive, harmonious look for your interiors.

Add the right light

Task lighting might take your cabinets from ho-hum to great. If the space is too dark, added light could add that much-needed brightness to the space and put your cabinets in a completely new light.

Add glass inserts

You could also look into adding glass inserts into the doors of your old cabinets. You could go for clear or frosted glass as well as for fluted, colored or patterned ones.

Go for the dramatic accent

Have an all-white scheme for that space? Go for a bit of dramatic contrast, says Better Homes and Gardens. Look for dark kitchen cabinet options. Explore other ways to bring that contrast into play. You’ll have fun trying out options and new looks for your kitchen.

Add some extra storage

The back space of your cabinet doors is too often wasted. Think about adding extra space in there for a spice rack. That could make for a great addition to your kitchen.

Use every space

If your kitchen still has plenty of unused space, now’s the time to think of ways to install cabinets that would use every inch of that space without making the space seem overcrowded. Talk to remodeling experts to find out your available options. With these tips, you should have a good idea of the kind of upgrades from which you can choose.

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