6 Handy Suggestions for Carpet Care and Maintenance

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Carpet Cleaning Service


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Care and maintenance are key to make sure your carpets last longer. Here are handy suggestions to help you extend the lifespan of your rugs.

Vacuum them

Banish dirt from those fibers with your trusty vacuum, the Family Handyman says. That’s going to help reduce the buildup of dirt and dust in your rugs.

Vacuum often

Do this at least once a week. That’s going to keep buildup from getting worse. However, if you live in a place where it’s often dusty or you have pets, it may be wise to vacuum much more often.

Hire pros

Look for Carpet Cleaning in Portland. While vacuuming your rugs help keep them clean, deep and thorough cleaning will only be possible with the help of an expert. Hire pros to come over to get the dirt, dust, bacteria and whatnot from your rugs.

Research your options

Don’t just hire the first firm that you find. Look for a reputable service for Carpet Cleaning in Portland. How long has the firm been around? Do they have trustworthy contractors? Do they have the right tools? Will they use their own cleaning solutions? You’ll want to cover these concerns and more when you talk to carpet cleaners.

Beware of the signs

Be on the lookout for any signs that you’re dealing with a dodgy cleaning firm. Some only spray soap on the carpet, suck up the water and leave. That’s not the kind of cleaning service you’ll want to hire.

Check out reviews

Look for feedback. What do other clients say? Are they happy and satisfied with the firm’s service quality? If the reviews are a bit on the negative side, though, that should serve as a warning to you. Look elsewhere.

The right pros can save you time and trouble. Use these tips to help you.

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