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A Beveled Mirror in Santa Clarita CA Creates the Illusion of Framed Glass and Extra Space

Mirrors inside a home give the illusion of extra space and depth. Some mirrors are placed only for people to check their appearance, while others are part of the main decor. A Beveled Mirror in Santa Clarita CA has the edges cut at an angle, giving it the appearance of being within a frame. This adds an extra touch of beauty to the glass.

If people had never mastered the art and skill of glass blowing, mirrors in homes would still be made of metal, which was the case in ancient times. People relied on checking their appearance in mirrors made of silver and bronze before glass mirrors became widely produced. Glassblowing actually was performed in antiquity, as has been verified by archaeologists studying Egyptian history. However, the earliest glass mirrors found to date are from the 1st Century A.D. They became more prevalent by the 3rd Century. Earlier glass producers mainly concentrated on making items used for drinking and eating, and for use as vases. To make the glass more reflective required adding metal elements that included silver and mercury. The art of mirror crafting was essentially abandoned during the Middle Ages and did not return again until the Renaissance.

Homeowners who are talented at creating a lovely interior environment may do their own floor plans in regard to furniture purchasing and placement, as well as the selection and placement of various decorative items. Others hire an interior decorator for guidance. With a Beveled Mirror in Santa Clarita CA, someone with an eye for decorative touches can use this item to convey an artistic touch to the wall of a room while also adding function.

This isn’t to say that a beveled mirror cannot have a separate frame. Indeed, many people choose both features when they are looking for an eye-catching reflective glass piece for the home. When shopping for a mirror from a supplier such as Palmdale Glass & Mirror Co., customers will want to consider both the size and shape they prefer. Rectangular mirrors are popular, as their positioning can be changed for a different effect as desired. Visit us website for information.