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Attracting Winged Creatures With Wooden Bird Feeders and Other Features

Homeowners who want to entice birds to the yard might begin by hanging wooden bird feeders from poles and placing them on top of stands. A variety of food types will attract many different species. Other yard features appeal to these winged creatures as well.

Planting Trees and Shrubs

Birds appreciate trees, of course, and nesting is prevalent within deciduous leaves and evergreen needles. Planting shrubbery and bushes also is a bird-friendly activity. The critters want to feel safe while they are closer to the ground, where they find bugs and other kinds of food. Evergreens planted near wooden bird feeders give these little winged animals a refuge when flying in for a snack.

Placing Nesting Houses and Roosting Boxes

Nesting houses and roosting boxes will also attract birds. Roosting boxes are not meant for nest building or raising babies, but instead, provide a safe harbor from predators and bad weather. The devices are big enough so several birds can comfortably perch or stand inside.

Providing Water Features

Having water features near the feeders makes birds happier. At least one birdbath allows them to drink and bathe. Instead of putting the device away for the wintertime, a heater can be installed to prevent ice from forming. Water should be dumped out and replaced routinely, especially in warm weather. Droppings wind up in the basin, and stagnant water is a haven for mosquitoes.

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