Avoid Serious Roof Damages Using Experienced Roofers in Des Moines

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Roofing


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Leaking water can do a lot of damage to any roof and eliminate the source of the fault may be tougher than the property owner ever considered. For example, a leak around the flashing or attic details such as vents can cause problems with the decking or drip through to the drywall of the ceiling below it. Water and drywall do not mix. In fact, as the water soaks into the material, the sheets begin to swell which creates soft spots that crumble under pressure. Roofers in Des Moines can eliminate the failure by patching the sealant around each detail or replacing it completely.

Roof leaks come in all types, and a few of them can be repaired by replacing shingles or other roofing materials. Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t work if the existing roof is showing its age. Consider the case of an older asphalt shingle setup which has just weathered a severe storm. Eliminating the damaged shingles will fix the immediate issues, but replacement is the only way to get a roof that will hold up under pressure. Roofers in Des Moines can help by swapping the old roof with a similar product, or they may suggest alternatives. Give serious consideration to these suggestions because many of them may provide a roof that could last for decades.

The easiest options use asphalt, and they provide a long service life. Plus, most manufacturers offer a limited, lifetime warranty on these materials. The first asphalt product is the laminated shingle. This type of shingle uses an additional layer on the back of the sheet. The end result is a thick membrane that blocks the weather. The alternative is composite shingles. This material has an additional layer over the top of the shingle which provides both rigidity and strength. Composite shingles were designed to simulate the look of slate, and the extra thickness is part of that design.

Alternately, the homeowner may choose something like sheet steel. This is a zinc or zinc/aluminum galvanized sheet designed to be quickly installed. Steel roofing comes in a variety of styles and should fit practically any home. In fact, a steel roof can be installed over an existing asphalt one by laying battens for the steel to anchor to. Get additional info here about roofing repairs or other concerns.

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