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Chandeliers, Mounts & Pendants: Options for Home & Office

Mclaren Lighting is proud to be one of the oldest family-owned and operated light stores in Victoria, BC. Our ongoing investment in the community and the environment includes recycling lighting and supporting Habitat for Humanity. Our greatest joy is helping you find just the right lighting to enhance your home or business, inside and out. Our enormous array of ceiling lights features a wide variety of colors, finishes, silhouettes and mount types to enhance your space’s greatest assets.

Chandeliers & Mini Chandeliers

Nothing bespeaks luxury like a chandelier. However, your next chandelier needn’t be elaborate or overwhelming. Today’s chandeliers range from simple to showpiece. Styles include minimalist, modern, contemporary, transitional and traditional. You also have your choice of bulb clusters ranging in number from three lights to dozens.

Chandeliers and mini chandeliers are a highly efficient way to introduce multi-directional illumination to a foyer, entryway, walkway, dining room or medium-to-large gathering space.

Pendants: Small But Outstanding

We love pendants in just about any room, especially single-task locations, islands, counters and anywhere we want to highlight decor and color schemes. Pendants offer the added flexibility of adjustable height, letting you raise or lower pendants to suit your taste and physical constraints.

Flush, Semi-Flush & Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, flush mounts and semi-flush mounts let you maximize lower ceiling clearances in private and communal spaces. Mounts contain ranges of bulb clusters, letting you appoint a given room with an amount of emitted lumens most appropriate for the room’s size, function and decor.

Recessed lighting and mounts also come in a selection of bulb types, including LED. LED is extraordinary for its high efficiency and high lumen output per watt. Since LED gets more lumens per watt, it uses less energy and, in turn, results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Explore LED and other options today at Mclaren Lighting, one of the leading light stores in Victoria, BC.