Choosing A Bathroom Mirror in Indianapolis, IN

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Doors


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Choosing the size of the bathroom mirror to be installed is something that is often overlooked by people. It is a very important thing to consider before choosing a mirror as it has an effect on the end result. Here are a few tips on choosing the correctly sized Bathroom Mirror in Indianapolis IN.

1. The vanity is almost always chosen first, so this will need to be measured. Try to make sure that the mirror is no larger than the vanity or, perhaps, even slightly smaller. Mirrors that are larger than the vanity in question may have a clumsy or unsightly feel to them in terms of decor appeal. It is generally considered best to have approximately three to four inches of space between the mirror and the edge of the vanity.

2. Consideration will be needed as to any lighting that is installed. Will the mirror rest even with the lighting or will there be offset space? Also, consider water splash-back that may appear from the sink and if the mirror should be raised slightly higher from the back of the vanity.

3. If there are windows in the bathroom, try to align the mirror so that it reflects the natural lighting was coming in. This can have a dramatic effect on the feel of the entire bathroom, making it appear larger and roomier than it is. Also, the natural lighting has been clinically proven to enhance mood. What better way to start the day than natural sunlight?

4. Measure the frame of the mirror. A frame that is large may not be suitable if there will be more than one person using the mirror at once. The wide frame will unnecessarily take up space that could be put to better use.

5. To get a good idea of how the end result will look, put up a mock mirror consisting of construction paper. This allows the person to visualize exactly how certain measurements or fittings will affect the overall feel of the bathroom.

When the decision is finally made to purchase a bathroom mirror in Indianapolis IN, choose a reputable shop such as Dr. Shower Door and Mirrors. A trained staff can answer any questions that may be asked. They can also offer decorating advice for what works and what does not.

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