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Choosing A Hardwood Floor

There is far more to choosing hardwood flooring in Naperville than picking the wood. There are many factors that must be considered to ensure that you get the perfect floor, one that matches your lifestyle as well as looks wonderful with your furnishings.

First, there are a couple of basic options; do you want solid hardwood or engineered hardwood? Solid is just that, solid planks about ¾ inch thick, engineered hardwood flooring is made from a hardwood veneer glued to a core which is often plywood. Engineered flooring is better in areas where there is the possibility of high humidity or moisture, this material is well suited if the sub floor is concrete.

Here are a few important considerations:

* Location: The environment on the second story of a home is a lot different than the basement. It is not a good idea to install a real hardwood floor below grade or even on a level that is the same as the ground outside. In a case like this, hardwood flooring is ideal for the second story but engineered hardwood is best suited for at grade and below grade installations.

* The sub floor: The two most common sub flooring materials are concrete and plywood. Knowing what sub floor you will install the hardwood flooring on will help you decide which of the two is the better option. If the sub floor is concrete you are stuck with engineered hardwood flooring in Naperville. This is nothing to cause concern as engineered products are available in a wide range of woods and sizes. Plywood sub flooring poses no particular problems, you are free to install either style using adhesive or nails.

* Living habits: Take time to think how your floors will be used or abused. Do you have children and pets? Do you host a lot of parties in your home? Are you just a couple? In a home with high traffic choose a harder wood, perhaps the ideal for active homes is Red Oak, priced middle of the road and quite hard and durable.

Both real hardwood boards and engineered hardwood flooring are available pre-finished, you know in advance what you are getting and it eliminates a step in installation.

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