Clear Signs That Your Shower Door in Roselle, IL Needs to Be Replaced

by | May 9, 2024 | Glass Repair Service


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If you are unsure if your shower door is in poor shape or not, don’t worry, many homeowners feel the same. They are trying to save money and don’t want to make needless repairs or replacements if they don’t really need to. However, there are some very clear signs that a new shower door installation in Roselle, IL is in order.

Scratches & Cracks

If there are scratches, cracks, or other signs of physical damage to the glass itself, then it is definitely time to replace the door. This is because those types of marks can actually weaken the glass and present a safety hazard. To ensure that the door is not in danger of shattering and harming someone, it is highly advised to replace the shower door.


Occasionally, you will find that the door is leaking water. This could be the result of any number of things, including an old seal or even an improper fit. To counter this, it is far better to simply replace the door to ensure that the problem is entirely taken care of versus wasting time and money trying to determine what the elusive problem is.

Mold Growth

Signs of mold on the shower door are a sure sign that you need to have a new shower door installation in Roselle, IL performed by a professional. You will end up having a healthier and safer shower in the long run.

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