Common Points of Courtesy Customers Can Show to a House Painter in Los Angeles

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Home Improvement


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Homeowners who have hired a house Painter in Los Angeles to paint the exterior and interior of a large home may wonder about the etiquette recommended when having a worker on the property for many hours for the better part of a week. Although there are obviously no specific requirements for courtesy, customers can make the painter’s life easier in several ways. It’s not necessary to provide hot coffee, hot chocolate, cold soda or bottles of water, but it’s certainly a welcome gesture when the customers do so.

Restroom Use

One of the more common questions is whether the painter should be allowed to use the bathroom. The answer is typical yes unless there is a definitive reason not to. While the person is doing the project, this is the work site and having to actually leave for this purpose wastes time.

When might homeowners shy away from letting workers use the restroom? If the situation involves an entire crew instead of just one painter, the home’s residents may not want numerous workers traipsing in and out of a bathroom throughout the day. A very courteous option would be to have a portable toilet delivered for the days that the contractors will be on site.

Removal of Objects Along Walls

When working inside the home, a house Painter in Los Angeles also appreciates the residents had all the furniture and other objects along walls removed beforehand. Tables, couches, paintings and other belongings should be moved far enough away, so the workers have plenty of room. Painters from a company like CC Cleaning/Maintenance usually not expected to do those tasks, although they will cover up furniture when advisable. Contact us for information on services offered.

Basic Cleanliness

Moving objects that can be unpleasant to have around also is courteous. For instance, painters probably don’t appreciate having to work next to a dirty cat litter pan. The pan could be moved while they are working in that particular part of the house. If that’s not possible for some reason, it at least should be clean. The same goes for diaper pails and wastebaskets. The baskets should not be overflowing with used tissues, tampons and sanitary wipes.

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