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by | May 31, 2016 | Restoration Services


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Many people do not realize the hidden dangers of flood water. Usually, the first reaction is to go home after a flood. However, certain precautions need to be taken. That is because flood water may contain bacteria from raw sewage. Further, there may be debris in the water. Likewise, flood waters wash through many things including chemicals. People are advised to keep children and pets away from the flood area until clean-up is over. In addition, adults should wear rubber boots and rubber gloves when returning home.

Flood water contaminates food and drink. Consuming the contaminated products results in diarrheal diseases. To protect the family, never let the children play in flood water. Make sure the children wash their hands often. Some toys may be disinfected while others may not. To avoid infections, people with open sores should not go near the water. In addition, any wounds should be covered with a waterproof band-aid. Experts recommend leaving clean-up and Flood damage repairs to the experts. Call Flood Solutions immediately in the event of emergency. Most experts send a team out to the flood area and they perform an assessment. The Homeowner needs to act quickly. Indeed, the longer water stands, the greater the damage. There are three types of flood water:

clean water from burst pipes-poses no danger

gray water-from a washing machine or dishwasher-has some degree of contamination

black water-highly contaminated can cause illness or death if consumed

Black water has to be disposed of in a certain way. It is a hazardous material and must be sucked out of the house and into containers. Next, the containers are taken to a hazardous waste site for disposal. Afterwards, contaminated materials are removed. Examples include carpet, other flooring, contaminated drywall and insulation. In addition, all hard surfaces must be disinfected. The pros use powerful fans and dehumidifiers to dry all the water. Normally, the homeowner’s insurance company pays for a hotel. The family should stay away until Flood damage repairs are completed. Also, professionals help to fill out forms and complete the insurance claim. It is good to know there is help if you experience a flood.

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