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Corian Countertops in Tucson for Many Options in Kitchen Remodeling

The number of available materials for Countertops in Tucson can be a little bewildering when someone first starts to consider kitchen remodeling. People generally know what granite is, but what about Corian? Corian is the brand name for a material developed by DuPont, and it has numerous advantages that are appealing to homeowners.

This substance, which can be used for Countertops in Tucson, is fundamentally a combination of plastic and metal. The plastic is acrylate polymer, a type of acrylic material. The metal is alumina trihydrate, a type of aluminum. Acrylate polymer is durable, and it can be molded into nearly any shape. Unlike some other metals, alumina trihydrate does not corrode. It is nontoxic, and it also is fire resistant. The ability to mold Corian into angles with edges and curves means that a homeowner can order countertops that have a sink seamlessly integrated. The two features do not have to be the same color.

The material is manufactured in a large array of colors and patterns, and the company continues to develop new styles in response to consumer requests and market trends. It is available not only in more standard colors but in semi-translucent and metallic finishes as well. Many people like the product line that is designed to look like stone, quartz, wood, and other things found in nature. The manufacturing process makes sure to generate random patterns, so the Corian truly resembles those natural materials. A nearly endless number of effects can be created in kitchens because of the variety. While one homeowner chooses countertops that look like marble, another wants the old-fashioned white and black kitchen that has seen a resurgence in popularity.

These characteristics of Corian make it a prized material for counters in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as for bench tops and tabletops in commercial and institutional buildings. People who prefer to buy products made in the U.S.A. will be glad to know that Corian is one of these materials. Most of it is manufactured in New York State. A homeowner who is interested in countertops made of Corian may contact a remodeling contractor such as Davis Kitchens.