Customized Garage Doors That Are Designed To Complement The Architectural Style of Home

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Doors


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When you have a beautiful home or are building one, you deserve custom garage doors in Westchester, NY, to go with it. We offer customized garage doors that are designed to complement the architectural style of your home. Our garage doors are available in custom sizes to fit all types of vehicles. Whether you have a Hummer, a boat or a semi truck to store in your garage, we can create a door to fit it.

If you want a specialized shape to your garage door, this is an ideal way to create a unique look to your garage. We can create a door with an arched opening or doors that open to the side. If you would like specialty materials for your garage door, we accommodate your request. We build garage doors made of hardwood, vinyl, aluminum, steel and more. Given the variable climate of the Westchester area, we recommend that our customers get insulated doors. The insulated doors reduce unwanted air intrusion and keep dust, dirt and debris out of your garage. If you have a workshop in the garage, the insulation reduces unwanted noise and vibrations.

Our customized garage doors are designed to work with any type of opener. If you want a single door, two-door or carriage style door, we have a full selection of options that you can put together. You choose the materials, dimensions, finish and color, and we build it. You work with our design team throughout every step of the process. We welcome any questions that you have about your door’s design and construction.

At Action Lock & Door Company Inc., we are here to help you choose custom garage doors in Westchester, NY. Contact us in-person or online to learn more or get started planning your new garage door.

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