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Why There Is a Demand for Residential Flat Roof Installation in Lawrence, KS

For many years Lawrence, KS commercial buildings have been built with flat roofs, but were rarely part of home construction. Residents often chose sloped roofs when building homes because of common myths surrounding flat roofs. They thought that flat roofing is prone to leaks and not suited to the area’s harsh winters. But that is changing and many now go online to Find more information about Flat Roof Installation in Lawrence KS. They are often attracted to the roofing style’s unique design, durability, easy maintenance and low cost.

Flat Roofs Have Compact Designs

In some cases, homeowners choose Flat Roof Installation in Lawrence KS in order to create a particular design statement. The style goes particularly well with elegant, modern structures. The compact design creates space on top of a home. It may be used to create an outdoor seating area that allows residents to enjoy beautiful views. Flat designs create more space for A/C units and pipes. Surfaces are easy to reach and maintain.

Flat Roofs Are Durable

Despite the myth that flat roofs tend to leak, systems are actually strong and durable. The key is professional installation and quality materials. Contractors can offer clients a range of roofing systems designed to stand the test of time. They are built to endure the heaviest snowfalls and rainstorms. Their construction also makes them resistant to strong winds that would tear shingles off of sloped roofs. Some systems have life spans of more than 30 years.

Flat Roofs Are Economical

Homeowners also choose flat roofs because they are budget friendly. There is no need to apply decorative outer materials like the shingles or tiles that are common with sloped roofing. Material costs are some of the most affordable in the industry and installation is fairly simple. There is less labor involved in flat roof installation, and many are completed within a day. Flat roofing systems are less expensive to repair than sloped styles. Their low cost makes them ideal for garages, extensions, dormers, and porches.

Although most homes are built with sloped roofs, there are homeowners who prefer budget-friendly flat roofs. Contractors offer a variety of durable flat roofing systems that are can be installed more quickly than sloped roofing. The strong, weather-resistant roofs can also create extra space and are well suited to stylish, modern home designs.