Doing Bath Remodeling Toms River NJ

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Home Improvement


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When someone wishes to do bath remodeling Toms River NJ to accommodate a senior family member, they have several options available to make the room easy to navigate. Most people will hire a professional remodeling service to handle this type of work. They will be able to provide ideas on how to improve the space so it can be used by someone with mobility issues, so it is safer.

Changing the bathtub to one made especially for those with trouble walking or lifting their legs is important. One should consider installing a walk-in tub for this reason. This is constructed with a hinged door, making it easy for the elderly person to walk in and out without the risk of falling due to high sides. They will also be able to sit down while bathing. A removable hand-held shower head will make it easy for bathing purposes. Make sure the bottom of the tub is treated with skid-resistant tape or pads to keep the chance of slipping low.

If someone uses a wheelchair, it will be necessary to remove any cabinetry from underneath the sink area. Storage can be moved to shelves on walls, or a linen closet can be built in another area of the room.

It is a good idea to install rails around the room for the person to grasp when they need some assistance with their footing. These rails can be placed by the toilet, sink, and tub. They should be a contrasting color from the paint or wallpaper on the walls, so they are easily seen.

Ample lighting should be used in a bathroom so the person will not have difficulty seeing as they make their way around the room. Consider installing wall sconces to help brighten the entire room. Floor lights can also be installed to help with foot placement.

If someone needs help deciding on ideas for bath remodeling Toms River NJ, they can call a reputable contractor in the area. Contact us to get started in the design work of a new bathroom and to get an estimate for the work if desired.

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