Ensure Your Driving and Parking Areas are Surfaced Using Lansing, MI Asphalt Paving

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Paving


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When you own property or a business, the conditions of your drives, access roads and parking spaces are important. Unfortunately, keeping these areas well cared for can be a bit difficult. There are several choices a property owner or manager can make to improve driving conditions. The first is an oiled and graded surface. Sadly, this method of maintenance usually doesn’t last long when the surfaces gets a lot of traffic or the weather turns bad. The more durable choices are a concrete surface and Lansing MI Asphalt Paving. Concrete can provide an excellent option for anyone who has a large budget, but it can be almost as expensive to repair as it is to build.

Asphalt paving is a petroleum or bitumen based product which uses an aggregate similar to concrete, usually gravel. Gravel provides an excellent surface for the asphalt cement to bind with, which makes the driving surface very solid and durable. However, Lansing MI Asphalt Paving also provides a flexible surface with excellent traction. This is far different than concrete, which provides a more rigid material that is prone to cracking when the underlying support gives way. This benefits asphalt, because it makes the surface much easier to repair. In fact, many asphalt repairs can be made immediately with little preparation, while repairs to concrete often require cutting away damaged areas.

Asphalt surfaces are used for the majority of parking lots in the area. This is because asphalt gives an even driving surface for the best possible price. Plus, asphalt is much easier to lay than concrete. Concrete requires a lot of preparation time with all of its necessary forms. It also needs an extended drying time. Asphalt, on the other hand, can generally be placed over a recently graded area and rolled smooth. Once the asphalt cement has set, the driving surface is ready. In most cases, the surface will be ready for use by the next day, depending on the total work area and weather conditions. No matter what your driving or parking needs, you may find asphalt paving is the perfect choice. This material provides a durable surface which can be quickly repaired for a reasonable price. No other surfacing material even comes close. Click Here for more information.

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