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Gas Fireplaces Require Annual Maintenance And Service

Gas fireplaces burn clean and leave no ash or residue; as a result, many homeowners overlook the fact that annual fireplace service in Arlington Heights is required. A gas fireplace is no different from any other appliance in your home. For it to work well, it requires an annual inspection and tune-up.

Any fireplace works hard when it is called upon to heat your home, so by having it serviced every year, it will be ready to give a flawless performance when you want additional heat or want to enhance the ambiance of the room.


Although wood or coal is not used as fuel, there is still debris in the flue, vents, and the chimney. The type of debris found in a gas fireplace includes:

   * Residue from deteriorating faux logs
   * Chips and scratches on the glass doors

In all cases, a professional should carry out fireplace service in Arlington Heights.

Safety measures:

Families with small children or pets should consider installing a safety screen, as the exterior surfaces of a gas fireplace get very hot. If you are having a gas fireplace installed during the construction of your new home, ensure that it has been thoroughly cleaned and serviced by a professional before operating it for the first time.

Be alert to potential problems:

Although an annual fireplace service will catch any problems that exist at that time, things can happen between services. During the season, keep your eyes open for such things as the pilot light going out, a delay in ignition, a “dull thud” at the moment of ignition, the odor of gas and the presence of any indications of carbon monoxide such as nausea, headaches or lethargy.

Regular fireplace service in Arlington Heights will ensure a long service life of the fireplace, safe operation, and excellent performance on demand.

It is highly recommended that gas fireplace service in Arlington Heights be carried out annually. To arrange a visit from a professional, contact Northwest Metalcraft.