Getting Ready for Roof Repair in Palatine, IL After a Severe Storm

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Roofing Contractor


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When a severe storm blows through the Chicago area, many homes may need roofing repair. Because contractors are very busy during times like this, they have to prioritize jobs. Some homeowners must wait for an opening on the schedule, but they can still get estimates for roof repair Palatine IL. Tarping the damaged area may be necessary to prevent leaks.

Relevant Data

Cook County is at moderate risk of tornadoes. Still, most people never deal with their house being struck. Nevertheless, tornadoes that don’t hit buildings can still cause damage because of the high winds. Funnel clouds that don’t touch the ground also can blow shingles off roofs.

In addition, the Chicago area experiences nearly 40 thunderstorms each year on average. That’s according to a report from WGN. Some of those storms are severe and can bring wind gusts strong enough to tear shingles from roofs.

Insurance Considerations

Homeowners typically have insurance to pay for roof repair in Palatine, IL after these incidents. The amount covered depends on the deductible they have chosen. If the policyholder wants an adjuster to come to the property and determine the cost, that can be scheduled with a phone call. Homeowners also can pay the contractor directly without having the insurance company involved.

Getting Started

Although the property owners naturally want the situation resolved as soon as possible, it’s important to acquire a few estimates unless they already know of a roofing contractor they trust. Those who need to get started on the estimation process may begin with

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