How do You Know When it is Time to Replace Your Windows?

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Home Improvement


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People think that your house cannot talk to you, but it does. It tells you when your roof needs repair by springing a leak, but how do you know when this time to buy replacement windows in Prince George’s County, MD? If your windows have been replaced in 20 years, or if you are still using windows that have those old-fashioned storm windows that you must take down and put up yearly, those might be a couple of clues. Also, do the inside of your windows fog up or is your house drafty? Another thing to think about is if they stick when you open or close them, or if they just don’t stay open at all. These are windows that are past their prime and want to be replaced.

Want to Decrease Your Energy Costs?

This is another huge reason for people choosing to replace their windows. In the winter, on sunny days, your windows allow heat to enter a home from the sun. That does not mean though that they do not as well allow drafts to get in, which can increase your energy bills from 10% all the way up to 25% more than they normally would be. Just by replacing your windows with energy-efficient glass pane windows you can reduce your electric bill. Another plus, if you are considering selling your home, replacement windows in Prince Georges County, MD, can be a huge selling point.

Improve the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

When people are driving through a neighborhood one of the features that stands out on the homes are the doors and the windows. If they look neglected and worn down, so will your house. If one of the reasons you are upgrading your windows is to make your home look more appealing, this might also be the time to think about installing larger windows to allow more natural light into your home. If you browse Website Domain, you will be able to see the options they can provide you when it comes to windows.

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