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How To Clean Your Desk In Under Ten Minutes

Very few things hinder productivity in your office with a larger impact than a messy work area. Business owners should do all they can to impress the importance of regular cleaning. This helps to increase peace of mind, worker morale, and general health. It may not seem like a pressing issue at first, but if left unchecked, your office will soon be overwhelmed with the mess. While you can hire janitorial services in Oakland, there are a few things you can do on a regular basis to decrease the mess and increase the productivity. Below you will find a few common causes of the mess, and how to clean them in under 10 minutes.


Paper is the biggest cause of mess for any desk. Even if you have one of these huge desks, like a boardroom desk, it will eventually get filled up with paper. Chances are you have piles of decade old notes and doodles all over your workspace. Give yourself one minute to organize the paperwork you need to keep, and everything else should go straight into the recycling bin.


If you’re anything like most people, you will have 15 pen’s stashed in multiple areas of your desk, probably being used as paper weights. Only 3 will work, and you will only use one of them to write with anyway. Just throw them away. Only leave yourself with the three that work and let the rest go in the trash.

Paper Clips

Be honest with yourself; when was the last time you needed to use more than one paper clip? Unless you are a jeweler or wasting time making bracelets, you don’t need a box of 200 paper clips on your desk. Give them the same fate as the pens, or store them out of sight.


Dust is found everywhere on your desk, under the paperwork, on top of the paperwork and all over the keyboard and computer. Chances are you didn’t realize how bad the problem was until you cleaned away all of that troublesome paper. Simply wet a rag or tissue and wipe down the entire desk and all surfaces, including the computer.

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