How to Design and Add Storage and Floor Space to an Older Kitchen

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Kitchen Renovation


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Most older kitchens have a basic design that allows spaces to tuck in appliances and the bare minimum of cabinet storage. You can have a kitchen remodel done that opens up your floor space and dramatically increases your storage space. Your kitchen can feel bigger, more open, and better organized.

Switch to Built-In Appliances

Increasing floor space can be as easy as adding built-in appliances and dumping the standard varieties. You can design and construct a nook for a built-in refrigerator. It will give a seamless look to your kitchen. Place a built-in cooktop and install wall ovens to clear even more kitchen floor space. Your kitchen will look much bigger by the time the project is through. Hiring professional kitchen remodeling in Burr Ridge is the easiest way to create the perfect appliance layout.

Add an Open-Shelf Pantry

You can easily nearly double your storage space by building an open-shelf pantry system in your kitchen. It allows you to pull most of your food items out of the cabinets and place them neatly on the open shelves. You can tuck away the dishes and other items inside the cupboards, yet keep the food items in an area easier to rotate and use.

Incorporate Pull-Out Drawers in Your Shelving

Get maximum use out of your existing storage by adding pull-out drawers for easy access to everything you put away. You can double the number of items each cupboard holds and find it easier to stay organized. You no longer have to try digging to the back of your cupboards for hard to reach items. Seek out the kitchen remodeling Burr Ridge homeowners depend on to bring real solutions for storage and floor space problems.

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