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Indications of the Need for Chimney Restoration Services in Severna Park, MD

Chimneys jutting against a skyline are incorporated in many pieces of art. While they are utilized in such idyllic settings, the chimney is also a piece of the past that enhances the value of a building. While they are designed and built to last, the damages of time do take a toll on these historic items. Preserving them for future generations means restoring them if there is any sign of degradation occurring.

An inspection of the mortar joints can indicate if Chimney Restoration Services in Severna Park MD are needed. This is often the first thing to go when the chimney starts to fail. Mortar joints that are failing will have cracks and holes. The mortar may also be flaking. Mortar does not last as long as the brick because it is designed to take all of the abuse.

Shifting ground can also create issues for chimneys. Over time, many houses naturally settle. Some can shift, depending on the soil conditions under the foundation. This can cause the weight of the bricks to shift in an undesired direction. Since a brick fireplace has a significant weight, it can separate from the house and, eventually, fail. This situation can be avoided if the issues of shifting are addressed early on. This issue is usually detected by an inspection of the chimney in regards to the house.

Smoke leakage is another indication that the chimney restoration services in Severna Park MD are required. The chimney is designed to direct smoke upward and out. However, if it comes back into the home or can be seen leaking out where it isn’t supposed to, there is a problem. Blockages, weakness in the mortar joints, or missing bricks can cause this issue to occur. The inside of the chimney will have to be included in the inspection to determine the source of the problem.

The historical value of a brick fireplace is found in its beauty as well as its functionality. To maintain both, any signs of trouble must be addressed. Deteriorating mortar joints, shifting ground, and smoke leakage can indicate that there is trouble ahead. Check out website if you need to have your chimney properly restored.