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Making Your Granite Countertops in El Paso TX Last

Homeowners with granite Countertops in El Paso TX need to learn how to care for them if they wish for their counters to stand the test of time. Granite is a material that is prized both for its appearance and durability. Although it doesn’t need a great deal of maintenance, granite still requires the right care. Basic maintenance can be done each day. Granite can be washed with a soft cloth and some mild detergent. After that, it can be dried with a cloth. If a person hasn’t really used the counter that day, there’s no need to clean it.

Some precautions have to be taken with granite Countertops in El Paso TX. Even though granite is strong and very durable, extended exposure to extreme temperatures should be avoided. Placing a hot pot or pan directly on a granite countertop for a short period of time isn’t going to damage the counter, but constantly leaving hot pots and pans on the counter just isn’t a good idea. Another mistake that some homeowners make is cutting directly on their granite counters. Granite does do well to resist scratches, but it still can be scratched. Cutting boards should be used at all times.

Granite counters that have been neglected can sometimes be restored to their former beauty. There are stone cleaners on the market that can work to remove some stains. If a regular stone cleaner doesn’t do the trick, a special cleaner can be used. The problem with some of the stronger cleaners is that a counter’s shine can be negatively affected. Fortunately, the shine can be restored if a polish is used. Instead of doing all the work themselves, some homeowners just hire professionals to restore their granite countertops. Professionals who deal with granite know how to avoid the mistakes that inexperienced people make.

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