Options for Your Glass Shower Door in Indianapolis, IN

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Home Improvement


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The options for modern shower doors include a broad range of design styles, door configurations, and glass panel types. With all of these options, selecting the best product for your bathroom can be an overwhelming task. Having a knowledgeable glass shower door installer who can help guide you through the many options available is a benefit.

Door Operation Types

Sliding glass shower door operation conserves space. These options include dual sliding panel designs and single sliding panel designs. Dual sliding panels can be opened from either the front or the rear of the enclosure because they are designed to bypass each other in a fixed head and sill track. Single panel sliding doors include a fixed glass panel usually located at the front of the shower and a sliding glass panel located at the back.

Swinging glass shower door operation is typically used when there is enough space to accommodate an outward swinging panel. Swinging door operation is also appropriate for shower enclosures that are semi-enclosed with solid walls that have a single opening for a swinging door. In cases where the shower is enclosed by two adjoining solid walls and two opposite enclosure panels, a single or dual swing door is appropriate.

Door Panel Designs

Dr. Shower Door and Mirrors offers a variety of designs for your glass shower door in Indianapolis, IN. The two basic options are framed glass door panels and frameless door panels. Framed panels are usually framed with an aluminum framing system around the edges of the glass, with the option of upgrading to brass or plated steel frame. The aluminum frame is usually provided in clear (silver) anodized finish or varying hues of bronze anodized finish.

Frameless door panel designs use a single glass panel that is hinged on one side with either a continuous hinge along a captured glass edge or two or more single hinges attached through holes in the edge of the glass. Sliding door panels may use a partially framed panel that is captured along the top edge and the bottom edge.

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