The Most Popular Trends In Door Hardware in Chula Vista, Ca

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Home Improvement


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When it comes to an entryway, the hardware chosen for use with a door is just as important as the door itself. Many homeowners find the job of picking Door Hardware in Chula Vista CA daunting, as many choices and styles make the process even more complicated. Rather than wasting time shopping, keep reading to learn about the most popular hardware options available that can transform any door into a beautiful and user-friendly part of the home. Here are the most-sought-after hardware options homeowners have to choose from.

Electronic Deadbolts

The best way to provide easy access to a home is to install an electronic deadbolt. Many can be locked and unlocked using a keypad or through the utilization of a Bluetooth-enabled cellular device. Rather than handing out keys, homeowners can also provide custom codes to contractors that can be changed when their work is completed and prevent them from re-entering a home or losing a key.

Coordinating Hinges

The hardware that is chosen should match the hinges the homeowner chooses to use. Most come in coordinated sets and can be purchased in brass, steel, or more rustic finishes. This gives a door a more finished and custom look that can be designed to match the existing style and architecture of a home. New hinges can also be more sturdy and provide years of reliable use.

Handle Selection

The handle of the door is one of the first things that guests encounter when visiting a home. From traditional round knobs to more sophisticated lever handles, a homeowner’s choices are only limited by their imagination. Many manufacturers also produce other elements that coordinate with the door hardware, so the knobs and locks used on an everyday basis will match and provide continuity.

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