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Professional Brick Cleaning in Baltimore MD

Nowadays, one of the main materials used in the construction of homes and other buildings is brick. This is because bricks provides a rich and classic look to the façade of a house or building. The only downside of using this material is the easy accumulation of grime and dirt. In many cases, brick helps to increase the growth and development of moss. Also, after constant and prolonged exposure to the elements, it becomes discolored. But in order to restore a brick building to its former glory, the services of a firm which specializes in Brick Cleaning in Baltimore MD is needed.

Many people are not aware that their brick buildings, once cleaned by an expert brick cleaning firm, can look the way it once when it was first built. Though most firms offer power washing and pressure washing with water and an assortment of cleaning solutions, a truly professional firm usually patches up any damaged mortar joints before commencing the cleaning. After patching up the damaged mortar, the mortar must be allowed a week to set before the pressure washing. After this, each brick will then be checked to ensure that there is no seepage of water behind it.

Once the mortar is set, plain water is poured on the wall to soak it. Once the bricks have been evenly soaked, a special cleaning solution is then mixed inside the pressure washer. The brick cleaning can now begin. The pressure of the washer is set to medium to prevent the bricks and mortar from being damaged. It is best to increase the quantity of the cleaning solution rather than the pressure of the washer to achieve a more effective cleaning process. Tough stains are brushed off manually. Once the brick wall has been thoroughly sprayed with the cleaning solution, the rinsing process then commences. The power washer is set to a very light pressure and used to rinse off the walls. After the walls are dried off, a brick and mortar sealant is applied to ensure that the brick walls stay cleaner for a longer period. For professional Brick Cleaning in Baltimore MD, please Visit the Site.