Protect Home and Family With Superior Mouse Extermination in St. Paul

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Pest Control


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Household pests come in all types from those annoying little ants that sneak in through a window to roaches that hide in cracks and crevices. However, rats and mice may be some of the worst. There are many reasons for this such as the chance for diseases that are common with rodents to the damage that these little mammals can cause. Unfortunately, eliminating a mouse or rat problem is not always as simple as placing a couple of traps. In fact, Mouse Extermination in St. Paul often requires an expert touch because there is rarely a single mouse living inside the walls.

There are various steps involved when eliminating rodents. First, it helps to determine where the pests have entered the home. This could be a simple opening such as a pipe entrance, but it is most likely a weak area in a wall that the mouse or rat has chewed through. One place where rodents like to enter a home is an attached garage because there are less traffic and plenty of places to hide. Other areas of concern are the attic and basement. Open spaces like these provide plenty of places to nest, and this can make it difficult to eliminate the problem.

People tend to consider Mouse Extermination in St. Paul when trying to protect food storage, but mice and rats can cause a lot of unexpected damage. For example, rodents like to gnaw on all sorts of things including electrical wiring and electronic components. The amount of damage that they might do is enormous because damaged wiring could result in an electrical fire and ruined electronics tend to be expensive to replace.

Avoid the hassles of do-it-yourself rodent control by contacting an expert. Experienced pest control contractors know how to locate problem areas and how to discover entry points. For example, they can go into crawl spaces and inspect any insulated areas. Plus, they can easily place the required traps or baits so that all the rodents are quickly eliminated. Attempting to catch them one at a time usually allows the mice time to breed and the problem never completely goes away.

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