Renovating a Home? A Fireplace Service in Binghamton, NY Can Add a Stylish Heat Source

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Home Improvement


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Most Binghamton, NY residents enjoy a crackling fire on a cold winter night, but not every home has a fireplace. Fortunately, local professionals like Fancher Appliance have a solution. They offer a Fireplace Service in Binghamton NY designed to give clients their cozy fires, even when homes do not include chimneys. Customers who are renovating often rely on these specialists to provide and install elegant gas fireplaces that increase home beauty and comfort while reducing utility bills.

Technicians Install Easy-Maintenance Fireplaces Anywhere

Since a gas fireplace does not need a chimney, technicians can install one in just about any room. Also, unlike wood-burning fireplaces, there is little maintenance and no work involved in using them. Artificial logs send off a warming glow with the flip of a switch. Gas fireplaces are safe and technicians can even add them to existing wood-burning styles. They just adjust the dampers to create vent-free systems.

Professionals Can Provide a Cozy Heat Source

Although gas fireplaces are not usually substitutes for whole-house heating, they can provide a warm, cozy area in any room. Products supplied by a Fireplace Service in Binghamton NY can help lower heating bills by as much as 25%. They do not create smoke, soot or sparks. Heat is available for as long as there is a gas supply and will not burn down like wood.

Gas Fireplaces Add Style and Elegance to Rooms

Although there is no doubt that gas fireplaces offer practical benefits, many clients are basically drawn to their good looks and style. In fact, suppliers generally offer a fireplace gallery that includes examples of decorative outer frames, liners and fronts. Liners include rich designs which include herringbone, refractory brick, stacked stone, stainless steel and banded brick. There are elegant doors, louvers and frames. Even log sets are available in a range styles and sizes that can enhance their visual appeal.

New York residents often have gas fireplaces installed during home renovations. Specialists offer a wide range of elegant fireplaces and accessories that can add beauty and function to homes. Gas models are easy to use, affordable, safe and easily adapted for any room.

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