Should You Consider Metal When it Comes to Roof Replacement in Burleson, TX?

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Roofing


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Finding out that an entire roof needs to be replaced can be devastating. In addition to the cost associated with the change, there is the amount of time the replacement is going to take. In spite of the frustration, there can be a bright side to the experience. It gives a homeowner an opportunity to look at the different materials available for roofing and allows him or her to make a choice that could save on energy costs in the long run. It is important to at least take a closer look at metal when it comes to roof replacement in Burleson TX.

Longevity and Durability

After going through the process of Roof Replacement in Burleson TX, most homeowners don’t want to repeat the process any time soon. So they look for a roof that will last a long time and be able to stand up to the elements. Metal on the roof can last for decades; much longer than some of the other materials available. This type of roof can stand up to wind and doesn’t require anywhere near the amount of maintenance that shingles or tiles require.

Energy Efficiency

Who doesn’t want to save money on the cost to cool a home? The metal on the roof actually works to reflect heat from the sun. This means that an air conditioner doesn’t need to work as hard to keep a home cool in the summertime. For some homeowners, the savings could add up to anywhere between ten and twenty-five percent of their current energy bill.

Can Mimic the Look of Other Materials

While a metal roof sounds great because of its longevity and potential for energy savings, many homeowners are concerned about how the roof is going to look. They have an idea in their heads of what a metal roof looks like and how it could take away from the aesthetics of the property. Today, the metal used to create a roof can be shaped and changed to mimic other materials. A stone coated steel roof could look exactly like another roof that is actually covered in tiles. The metal can be made to look like slate or wood as well.

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