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Signs it’s Time for Roof Replacement in Minneapolis

The roof on a home is the most protective part of the structure. If it is damaged or isn’t able to do its job properly, it puts everyone and everything inside at risk. As a result, it’s a good idea to understand the signs that it is time for roof replacement in Minneapolis. The good news is, with a bit of time and inspections from time to time, keeping a home’s roof in good, protective condition isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Keep reading to find out what the signs that roof replacement is needed.


The most obvious sign that it is time for roof replacement in Minneapolis is if there is a leak in the roof. This is usually obvious for most homeowners when water stains appear on interior ceilings or walls. However, an observant homeowner will be able to tell before the damage gets this far. In most cases, any part of the roof that is leaking is going to appear darker in color than other areas of the roof. Take some time to scan the roof a few times a month to see if any of these areas are found. If so, they can typically be repaired. However, if the damage is allowed to progress too much, it can result in the entire roof having to be replaced.

Missing Shingles

If there are one or two missing shingles on a roof, it’s no reason to be concerned. Usually, these can be quickly and easily replaced. However, if a homeowner notices there are multiple areas on the roof where shingles are missing, then this could indicate a more serious problem. The shingles are the materials that stand up to rain and snow. As a result, if there are a lot of shingles missing from the surface of the roof, having it replaced is the best course of action.

Roof replacement isn’t something a person should ignore or avoid. The longer a person waits to invest in this, the more issues that are going to be present. More information about roof replacement services can be by taking the time to contact us.